Group of students from the Faculty of Information Technology Computer Yarmouk University and Science participated in a training workshop in the field of entrepreneurship titled "Boot Camp", organized by the Organization of Girls in Tech Jordan branch, and in cooperation with the Jordanian competitive program and the Agency for Development of American USAID, and lasted six days, with the participation of a group of students Jordanian universities in Irbid Governorate.
Where the workshop addressed a range of topics related to projects emerging, business planning, and business models, creativity, and a study of target customers, and the selection of appropriate technology, and understand the competitive, in addition to identifying communication and service delivery channels or product, and planning for profit, and the identification of partners, financial dealings.
It was also during the workshop students guidance on how to put the idea of the project and status at the beginning of the road, and guide them to start your Parwahn to be Tamoahin stakeholders and investors interested in the projects.
Moderated and lectured at the workshop elite of entrepreneurs and innovators Jordanians and business owners in the field of information technology.
Dean of the College Dr. Sulaiman Mustafa pointed out that participation in this type of activity the students can get suitable jobs, or the establishment of a special project them in the future, opening up attractive investment projects and generating functions instead of searching for a traditional job.
It is noteworthy that the Deputy Dean of the College, Dr. Qasim Radaideh took part in the final day of the workshop as a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee to assess the projects submitted to the posts by a group of entrepreneurs and businesswomen Jordanian.