The College of Information Technology and Computer Science at Yarmouk University organized a YUCPC 2020 programming competition that aims to develop programming skills for university students, preparing them to participate in the competition for the universities of the North Arabella, the national competition for programming JCPC, the Arab ACPC competition, and the international ICPC competition, where the dean of the college, Dr. Samer Samara, sponsored the competition that Organized by a number of college students, they are Muhammad Al-Zawawi, Muhammad Khanfar, Bilal Ali, Khaled Salem, Marwan Al-Hijri, Suhaib Shana'a and Engineer Abeer Jaradat from Al-Hijjawi College of Technology Engineering.

The President of the University, Dr. Zaidan Kafafi, accompanied by a number of officials at the university, on the side of the activities of the competition, praising the organizational level of this competition, stressing the support of the university administration for the talents and creativity of students in various fields, and working to develop them, which opens horizons for students and enables them to obtain opportunities Distinguished work in the local and Arab labor market.

In turn, the dean of the college, Dr. Samarsamara, stressed the importance that the college administration attaches to such purposeful student initiatives, stressing the need to organize student competitions and events on an ongoing basis, as they have a great impact in developing talents and building programming capabilities among university students, and enhancing their creativity and encouraging them to work with the spirit of one team, And increase their competitiveness in the labor market.

He added that these competitions enable students to test their ability and performance under pressure within a real work team, as they compete within teams that are distinguished by their scientific level and their ability to analyze issues, design and implement algorithms and solve them as soon as possible, and thus the competition tests the analytical and programming skills of the contestants and also places challenges such as investing time, Team assignment, team collaboration, and teamwork.

More than 45 teams participated in the competition, which included 120 students from the colleges of information technology and computer science and Al-Hijjawi for Technology Engineering, where the first place was won by the El Mesto team from the College of Information Technology and Computer Science, which included the students Nizar Mashtooli, Muhammad Al-Gammal, Hamza Shakhatra, and the team NO NAME from the Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Science, which included Ahmed Amayreh and Loay to Babna, ranked second, while the BEKH team from the Al-Hijjawi College, which included Khaled Nuseirat and Hamza Idris, ranked third.