Yarmouk University, represented by Dr. Abdul Raouf Bsoul, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Science, Dr. Faris Matalqa, Assistant Dean of the Hijjawi College of Technology Engineering, and Dr. Sanaa Al-Awdat, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Science, participated in the activities of the international accreditation workshop held recently at the headquarters of the General Union of Arab Universities.

The three-day workshop, led by Dr. Adnan Nayfeh and Dr. Hani Al Tabbaa, is an expert in the field of international accreditation.

The workshop dealt with the main themes and methodological steps for the preparation of engineering, computer science and applied sciences programs to obtain ABET accreditation.

The workshop was attended by faculty members from Arab universities from Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya and Yemen.

It is noteworthy that the Hijjawi Colleges of Technology Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science, and Science at Yarmouk University have started preparing for the purposes of applying for international accreditation.