The Vice President of Yarmouk University for Scientific Faculties and Financial Affairs, Prof. Ahmad Al-Ajlouni, has met with Huang Chessy, the Public Relations Manager at Huawei in Jordan, and they discussed possible cooperation between the two sides in areas of mutual interest. Al-Ajlouni affirmed Yarmouk's devotion to extending cooperation with Huawei, considering it as one of the leading companies at the international level in the ICT sector. Also, he pointed out the widespread achievement of the company in Jordan through its cooperation with Jordanian telecommunications companies. Then he expressed his hope that the cooperation between Yarmouk and Huawei will be framed to establish the "Huawei Academy" at the university, which is a platform for training and developing human resources in the ICT sector. Prof. Al-Ajlouni explained that such an academy supports the plans and visions of the university to train students and qualify them with modern scientific skills and knowledge and that it may direct all vital sectors to advanced technological solutions. Moreover, Prof. Al-Ajlouni emphasized the high scientific level of graduates of Hijjawi Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Science at the University, who have proven their competence in the labor market and received multiple scientific awards at the local, regional and international level. He added that the university seeks to engage its students in various methodological and extracurricular competitions, believing in the importance of these participations to develop the participants' skills and enrich their knowledge, thus raising the level of competitiveness in the labor market.

In his turn, Chessey praised the outstanding scientific reputation of Yarmouk University, especially in the fields of engineering and information technology, and he expressed his hope that a huge number of university students would participate in Huawei ICT competition for the Middle East this year. He explained that the competition aims at developing talents in the ICT industry. However, Chessey pointed out the possibility of working by both sides and framing future cooperation between Huawei and Yarmouk in areas of common interest. He also emphasized the possibility of opening the Hawai Academy at Yarmouk University to provide training and rehabilitation services for university students and community members in the northern region.

The meeting was attended by the Dean of Al-Hijjawi Faculty of Technology Engineering, Dr. Ahmed Al-Shamali, the dean of the faculty of Information Technology and Computer Science; Dr. Samer Samara, the Director of the Computer Center, Mr. Ishaq Matalqa, the Director of Public Relations and Media, Mr. Mukhlis Al-Abini, and the Public Relations Coordinator at Huawei in Jordan, Nouran Abu Rabie.