Prof. Emad Abu-Shanab is a professor of E-government, MIS, in the College of Information Technology and Computer Sciences at Yarmouk University (YU). Prof. Abu-Shanab’s research is largely concerned with e-government, technology acceptance, E-marketing and E-CRM, Digital divide, and E-learning.

Prof. Abu-Shanab published seventy-six peer-reviewed journal articles (60% as first author), fifty-six peer-reviewed conferences, participated in writing six book chapters, and four books. He has been asked to present a keynote speech in an e-government conference. His research is cited by many researchers, where his citation record exceeded 1000 citations. Prof. Abu-Shanab is ranked first among all IT college professors in terms of the total number of citations to his work.  

Prof. Abu-Shanab has had the opportunity of teaching nine undergraduate courses and four graduate courses. Additionally, he has served on multiple committees and organized many activities. Outside the university, Prof. Abu-Shanab serves on more than one journal and conference editorial committees. Prof. Abu-Shanab worked as an assistant dean for students’ affairs, quality assurance officer in Oman, and the director of Faculty Development Center at YU. He was the MIS Department Chair for the year 2015/2016.