President of Yarmouk University Dr. Rifaat Faouri opened lighting cupboards own statues of Ain Ghazal archaeological project in the Jordanian Heritage Museum at the university. Where he heard Dr. Faouri of the project supervisor, Dr. Ziad al-Saad, Vice President for Academic Affairs, to a detailed explanation about the user lighting system to illuminate the coffers of these statues and other artifacts in the museum, so that the new system provides illuminating cupboards when visiting them approaching and because the lighting reduces the life span artifacts, and allows those in charge of the museum to obtain information about the number of visitors and the length of time spent by each visitor at the artifacts.
He pointed out that this project is a new technology that offers the best suitable environmental conditions for the safety of artifacts and sustainability, and the future will be circulated on the cupboards important in the museum artefacts.
He praised Dr. Faouri the great efforts made by the operators of the project, namely Dr Mohammed Akur and student Abdul Rahman Al Asmar from the Department of Computer Information Systems, and the student Abdul Rahim surgeon from the Department of Electronics Engineering, expressing the university administration full of all creative projects for faculty members in the School of Archaeology and Anthropology in support university.
He explained that the college enjoys a prestigious scientific reputation in international circles, has contributed to the discovery of many of the cultural treasures of Jordan through excavations in which the college is partnering with various international bodies projects.
And Dr. Zaidan subsistence great importance of statues of Ain Ghazal, which is the oldest statues of man-made from the processed material which is plaster and return for the period between 8000-6000 BC, and is one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the world, pointing out that these statues are a testament to the great creativity of civilization innovations that prevailed in the Jordan of old, because the plaster need to be a complicated chemical process and certain conditions for the industry, have been discovered two sets of human statues Aljbesah 1983, and 1985.
Opening Dean Dr Abdul Hakim account and faculty at the college, and a number of officials at the university attended.
It was Dr. Faouri had met members of the faculty at the college, and stressed that the Faculty of Archaeology at the University of Yarmouk was an icon and a beacon radiation of Excellence, located on the faculty where large national responsibility like any other university faculties in maintaining the level of excellence, and work hard to attract more research projects international, adding that the college is a gateway for the start of the Yarmouk around the world.
For his part, thanked Dr. Abdul Hakim account the dean of the faculty the university administration for its interest in the great support of the activities of the college, stressing the desire of the deanship and faculty members where the excellence and leadership, noting that the college plays a distinct role in terms of scientific research and archaeological excavations is not in Jordan only, but at the regional level and the world.