The Faculty of Information Technology includes a number of computer labs equipped with the latest hardware and  software used in the applications of the practical courses offered by the college and the latest e-learning programs . The oversight of the laboratory group of professionals qualified academically and practically, mostly with bachelor degrees in information technology.

These labs are used in teaching the courses of practical nature and for online exams held by the university and also for the level examinations in English, Arabic and computer skills for new students, in addition to the registration process and add-drop processes. These labs are distributed between  Al-Khwarizmi and Al-Maqdesi buildings by 5 labs in Al-Maqdesi and 20 labs in Al-Khwarizmi, including a total of 25 computer labs.

All of these labs are connected with each other through a computer network within the scope (domain) and served by 4 server Computers, which are supervised by a group of qualified engineers from the staff of the Faculty of Information Technology and computer Sciences.

khz 101 programming lab  30 Sara Marji
khz 103  programming lab  30 Sara Marji
khz 105   30 Mohammad  Nayef
khz 107 multimedia lab  40 Asmaa Quda 
khz 109 data structure lab  40 Nedaa Momani 
khz 111 programming lab  35 Nedaa Momani 
khz 112 computer skills  40 Abdulla Alrashdan 
khz 116 computer skills  45 Yousef Mayyas 
khz 117 Assistive Technology Lab 20 Abdulla Alzoubi 
khz 211 entrepreneurship training lab  20 Muna Shraideh
khz 212 Assistive Technology Lab 40 Ahmad Alsaeed
khz 213 programming lab  30 Fayroz Qarqaz
khz 215 programming lab  30 Muna Shraideh
khz 216 computer skills  45 Ma'an Haddad
khz 217 computer skills  45 Ma'an Haddad
khz 222 networking lab  40 Ahmad Alsaeed
khz 224 Distance learninig    Ayser Alzoubi 
khz 226 project management  30 Ayser Alzoubi 
khz 321 gaming lab  10 sami quseni 
khz 421 computer skills  30 Mohannad Makhadmeh 
maq 102 management information  34 Ruba Alawneh 
maq 103 database  40 Zenat Hamdan 
maq 104 software engineering  32 Dareen Bataineh 
maq 202 Postgraduate Lab 10 Abdulla Alzoubi