Patronized Vice President of Yarmouk University Affairs centers and Quality, Dr. Ahmad Ajlouni workshop on "the application of quality standards in the Faculty of Information Technology," organized by the Faculty of Information and Computer Science Technology in collaboration with the Quality Center and academic development university, in the presence of Dean Dr Sulaiman Mustafa.
Dr. Ajlouni to the attention paid by the university administration for the implementation of quality standards in the various faculties, calling for the promotion of quality culture and the quest towards achieving the standards for the sake of boosting the university and make it in the ranks of local, Arab and international universities.
He thanked the Faculty of Information Technology Actress Academy Bquadrha for this kind gesture in this workshop, which will be a model for the work of the university colleges.
And Dr. Mustafa presentation of the achievements of the college within quality standards, pointing out that the college administration was keen to attract an elite group of faculty members, and to develop an annual plan for the construction and modernization of specialized laboratories, preparation of course file for all the college courses to the level of bachelor's, and identify the elements Course Description commensurate with the standards global.
He explained the steps to be undertaken by the college during the coming period to obtain quality certification from the accreditation body, pointing out that the overall process of updating study plans in line with recent developments in the labor market, in addition to the building to connect with alumni information system, and start preparing a self-assessment.
For his part, the Deputy Dean of the College, Dr. Qasim Radaideh offer to quality standards in the information technology and approved by the Commission for the Accreditation of Jordanian institutions of higher education, which includes strategic planning, and governance programs, academic programs, scientific research, scholarship and creativity, financial, material and human resources, student services, community service and relationships Foreign, and quality assurance.
He also reviewed the results of a survey initial self-assessment, conducted with the participation of a group of teaching at the college faculty members for the eight standards of quality, where the results of the evaluation showed that many of the standards adopted indicators are available in the college and its programs, adding that the college is eligible to apply for Neil quality certificate but after providing all the evidence and proofs required.
Dr. Issa flares from college talked about the issue of enhancing the quality of higher education culture, pointing to the need to adopt quality to all corners of the educational system approach in order to maintain a reputation for academic university among the various institutions of higher education, especially since a high level of quality standards has become a prerequisite for competition between Institutions of higher education.
The Director of Quality Center and academic development, Dr. Samih Alkrnh keenness of the Centre to provide the necessary support to the various faculties of the university in order to achieve the highest quality standards, praised the cooperation between the center and the college in collaboration where volunteered number of faculty at the college members to provide lectures, workshops and documents related to the academic accreditation and quality.
He pointed out that the concept of quality requires a participatory act between the various units of the institution and its staff, and access to the highest quality in academic work is no longer a luxury and not a dream but has become a reality it is necessary to keep pace with him to get to the highest degree of excellence.
At the end of the workshop, which was attended by heads of departments of the college and members of the teaching staff, the official laboratory in college, assistant director of the center and president of accreditation and quality department at the center, it has been extensive dialogue between the audience to identify priorities for action to start preparing to apply for accreditation body, stressing the need to hold a series of workshops We specialized in each of the eight standards for the accreditation body work.