The department of Management Information Systems was established along with the Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Sciences at the beginning of 2002/2003 academic year. The department offers a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems program. This program was designed carefully to provide the graduates with the technical and managerial skills and knowledge needed to analyze, design, develop, put into practice, and manage information and information systems in organizations. The department has various advanced computer labs that being used in teaching programming languages, project management related to MIS, decision support systems, and electronic commerce. In addition, the department has a research lab dedicated to graduate student. In the beginning of 2007/2008, the Master program was established and offers a Master degree in Management Information Systems, this program was recognized as the only of its kind in Jordanian universities.


The best management information systems department in the region capable of competing globally


To supply the labor market with graduates equipped with the skill and knowledge needed to construct, develop, manage, and utilize business information systems and able of being creative and innovative.

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