The SE Department was established in 2016 and has started offering a bachelor degree in software engineering. The objective of the program is to prepare a distinguished graduates who possess the skills and capabilities to help them succeed in their professional life. A group of faculty members who specialize in SE are employed in the department, and this distinguishes the program in the region. The department also seeks to hire the largest possible number of faculty members holding PhD degrees. The major of SE is considered a new discipline that has emerged due to the demand for it within the work domain of computer specialists. People specialized in SE carry out a number of necessary tasks to guarantee that software systems production is done according to SE methodologies and credited measurement standards. This is done to verify that such software systems perform well and are error free. They construct and maintain software applications using modern techniques and tools. Thus, software engineers combine scientific knowledge and practical skills in multiple specialized fields including: Computer Science, Information Systems, Project Management, and Engineering Sciences, in addition to the knowledge of the practical areas of software. The vision of the SE Department is to achieve a distinguished rank among universities in the region by providing an academic environment which aims to facilitate education and distinguished programs that focus on scientific research, in addition to developing students’ scientific capabilities. The SE Department prepared a new, advanced, and comprehensive curriculum that copes with market requirements and focuses on the dimensions of software engineering, computer sciences, algorithms, programming, and the basic components of computer hardware. Also, the SE Department is looking forward to establishing a Master’s degree program and seeks to hire the largest possible number of faculty members holding PhD degrees. A number of modern and advanced computer labs are available to the SE Department and are used for education and scientific research. More specialized labs will be built, such as, software testing lab, software modeling lab and software requirements lab.


Achieving a distinguished rank in education and research on the national and international levels.


Providing a positive and innovative academic environment along with distinguished programs to develop students’ scientific and research capabilities that make them competitive on the international level as well as serving members of their local communities. In addition, faculty members work to produce research projects that contribute to knowledge development and serve the society.

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