Yarmouk University is one of the leading universities that provide specialized Bachelor programs on Jordan and the Middle East. Networks and information security bachelor program is a pioneering step that enables students to get basic and advanced knowledge in this field through the various courses in the program. This Bachelor degree program in network and information security will not only benefit Jordan but also the Middle East. This program will be one of the main sources to supply Jordan and Middle East market with qualified IT disciplines.

This specialization is currently one of the most important disciplines of information technology due to the increasing spread of the Internet and its various applications in telecommunications as well as mobile computing. Due to the growing importance of the network and information security, the Faculty of Information Technology insist to create this specialization to comply with the market needs and requirements of graduates who are able to take care of networks and information security management. The study of network and information system plan is based on what is being existed on international, regional and local universities, and what is being required from the accreditation authority. Appendix A contains a list of the world's universities, which provides similar programs.


This program offers an integrated combination of computer networks and information security where computer networks is interested in everything related to design, build, program and manage wired and wireless networks and mobile computing.

On the other hand, information security focuses on providing protection for the information against the risks that are threatened or assaulted issues. Information security consist means to protect the information and determine the criteria and procedures adopted to prevent the arrival information from unauthorized hands via authenticating public communications.

This program increases the college's ability to graduate qualified students who are able to interact with the local and international market by offering their needs and requirements. Network and information security program is designed to provide advanced scientific research and provide advisory and training services in the areas of diverse computer networks, which serve the sectors of different society. The program offer specialized certificates such as: Cisco (CCNA)، CompTIA (A+) and Microsoft (MCSA)

The proposed program includes a number of compulsory and optional courses were picked very carefully in order to help students to establish the basic base and wide range of knowledge in various areas: including information technology, software engineering, and management & network security as well as computer security. The program also includes a number of lab courses that helps to consolidate the knowledge in different aspects of specialization.



The vision of the department is to become one of the top “Network and information security” departments in the region by providing a positive and competitive academic environment, and provide excellent programs focused on scientific research in addition to develop students' scientific and practical abilities.



The department mission is to provide our students with quality education and the needed technical skills in network and information security. Those students should be able to provide the society with the required network and security services.

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