Faculty Events

Faculty of Information Technology Yarmouk involved in a scientific workshop in Finland

Dr Sulaiman Mustafa, Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology at Yarmouk University and Vice Dean Dr. Qasim Radaideh attended a series of workshops and scientific meetings in Abiranta University of Technology in Finland.

Dr. Mustafa said that this participation comes within the activities of Erasmus Plus project funded by the European Union, which the college is involved in it with a group of universities from Russia, Finland, Denmark, Germany, and Britain, in addition to Jordan, where meetings were attended by a group of faculty, researchers, members and students of PhD from various participating universities and interested in the subject of software Engineering.

He explained that the project is located under the heading "Capacity Building in Higher Education", which for three years to continue where he held a series of training workshops and meetings for faculty members and researchers from the universities involved in the project, where will a group of faculty from the Department of Computer Information Systems at the College Board and a number of members of the graduate students in those activities.

For his part, Dr. Radaideh explained that the project aims to provide a vision to promote the excellence of higher education through education and joint scientific research and a PhD in Europe, the level at the same time help the partner countries to develop a new doctorate programs and enhance existing ones in the field of information technology in general and in the field of software engineering in Special.